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Usa Wrestling Declares March 2-8 As Women?s Wrestling Week

Gray Television, Inc. As part of her leadership during Super 8, Helen Maroulis is encouraging the wrestling community to post photos, videos and comments about the sport during Womens Wrestling Week using #Super8, #EachOneBringOne, Wrestle#LikeAGirl and #USAWrestling. Maroulis will be at the Womens World Cup in St. Petersburg, Russia during Womens Wrestling Week, and competing in the event at 55 kg/121 lbs. on March 7-8. As part of Womens Wrestling Week, USA Wrestling will be providing daily features on great American womens freestyle wrestlers through its media Kim Kardashian platforms, to highlight the rich heritage of womens wrestling in our nation and educate the public about the history of womens wrestling. We are excited to announce these exciting initiatives to celebrate and promote Womens Wrestling. USA Wrestling is committed to providing every single American youth with the opportunity to experience wrestling, both male and female. Males have long had great opportunities to experience the sport. Through these and other existing http://doriadefayettepage.beeplog.com/292143_5160423.htm programs, young girls will be given additional quality opportunities to get on the mat.
More: http://www.kktv.com/sports/headlines/USA-Wrestling-declares-March-2-8-as-Womens-Wrestling-Week-293132781.html

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